Bru-V - Saving Beer One Glass at a Time.


There is nothing better than a refreshing, cold beer on a patio once summer finally graces Ontario. That is - until your beer quickly turns skunky from the sun. Before you know it, you have a mouthful of Pepé le Pew lager.

Bru-V is proposing a pint glass that would avoid just that. Are they reinventing the pint glass?

People seem to think so as the Kickstarter campaign they used to start the business was fully funded (to a total of $36,612 CAD) by beer fans across the province.

We were really skeptical at the idea that a brown coloured pint glass would truly affect the flavour of beer and delay the skunking effect of UV rays but we decided to give them a chance and go in with an open mind.

Commercial beer bottles typically come in clear, green or brown glass options; with brown glass offering the best shelf-life for beer and the best overall protection against skunking. So we could see where the idea was coming from, but would it work?

We caught up recently with Ian Ritchie, Michael Mavian and Alan Wood over at Ward’s Island in the Toronto harbour to test out the theory on the first truly beautiful sunny day of the season. We used the highly scientific method of drinking the same beer out of a clear pint glass and a brand new Bru-V glass for the most pure comparison. Plus, it was a socially acceptable way to double fist our first patio beers of the season in the name of science.

The brown pint glasses were incredibly familiar to me; they were a perfect match for a set of brown glass dishes my family had in the 80s. If only my parents knew back then the potential for that set of dishes!

To really give the guys a fair test run, we went to the LCBO and picked up a light lager in a can to avoid any pre-skunking contamination, and we also selected a beer that neither one of us had ever tried before to avoid any biased opinions of the beer. Thank you Howe Sound Lager for assisting in science!

I drink a lot slower than Kole or the guys from Bru-V who mentioned that the first few sips were indistinguishable in flavour. Within a few minutes though I noted a distinctly sulfuric taste infiltrating my clear glass, a smell my Bru-V glass did not share. We have a winner here.

Bru-V was designed with the idea of enhancing the beer drinker’s experience, and eliminating the skunking effect of clear glass on your hoppy beverage. And why not? With premium craft beer sales rising and glassware gaining in popularity, it makes sense to extend the enjoyment experience to the great outdoors. Retreating to the cottage is a serious pastime in Ontario, and countless litres of beer will be consumed this summer in an idyllic lake settings. And so much of that beer will end up skunky, through no fault of the consumer.

The Bru-V guys are taking up the challenge of saving each and every one of those beers.

While doing our highly scientific taste test we also had a chance to ask the guys questions about their business. We learned that they are trying really hard to get other glass styles made but are having issues with the manufacturer. We had one ‘sample’ glass in a unique shape that was not the correct brown colour and thus was not as effective as the regular glass.

We mentioned above that they used Kickstarter to launch their business, while this was a big success they encountered issues with their shipping broker in getting their glasses to the buyers. It seems this has all been cleared up though.

In the end our test proved to us that the product most certainly works. While it may not show the colours and visuals of beer as well as a clear glass does, the anti-skunking affect is worth it.

You can purchase a Bru-V pint glass from their website at for $15 or from retailers across Toronto.

  By: Shawna O’Flaherty of Toronto Booze Hound

By: Shawna O’Flaherty of Toronto Booze Hound

By: Shawna O’Flaherty of Toronto Booze Hound