Wag The Wolf returns from Beau's All Natural


OTTAWA – (May 14, 2015) In lockstep with the arrival of the warm weather, Beau’s spring release Wag the Wolf has made a return to the LCBO. Wag the Wolf is a hopfenweisse: a generously hopped wheat beer with big aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. Originally brewed for a brewery-only release in 2013, Wag the Wolf made it into LCBOs for the first time in 2014 but sold out quickly, inspiring Beau’s to bring it back for 2015.

Wag the Wolf is a weissbeer (wheat beer) that has been generously late-addition-hopped – a brewing technique of adding hops at the end of the boil to benefit mainly from their aroma, with less overall bitterness resulting in the beer’s taste. Made with a blend of wheat and barley malts, and fermented with a traditional hefeweizen yeast, Wag the Wolf is pale gold in colour and hazy. There are notes of banana, clove, papaya, mango and citrus on the nose. The carbonation is lively and the beer is spicy and fruity, with restrained bitterness and a slightly dry finish.

Beau’s resident Chef Bruce Wood has created two intentioned pairing recipes for food lovers to prepare and serve at home, alongside a glass of Wag the Wolf: a Tomato, Saffron and Seafood Curry, and a Poached Peach and Homemade Ricotta Flan. Both recipes incorporate the beer into their ingredients as well. They are available at beaus.ca/recipes.

Wag the Wolf is part of the Wild Oats Series from Beau’s: beers designed with the intention to explore bold flavours and exciting aromas, and to challenge the palate of the drinker. The beer is packaged in Beau’s signature 600 ml bottles, and retails for $7.95 apiece. Like all Beau’s beer releases, it is all natural, and brewed using 100% green electricity and 100% green natural gas.

Wag the Wolf can be purchased this spring at LCBOs across the province of Ontario – check www.lcbo.com for product availability. It can also be purchased at the brewery’s retail store in Vankleek Hill, and in Ottawa through home-delivery service BYBO (www.bybo.ca). Select restaurants and pubs will also have the beer available on draft in May and June.