Walkerville Brewery - Limited Release of Barrel Aged Coffee Porter


WINDSOR - (May 15, 2015)  As the anticipation grew throughout the brewery, the aging of the Walkerville Barrel Aged Coffee Porter was complete and it was welcomed at the brewery with live entertainment, a packed house and many happy customers.

As many of you know, Walkerville Brewery is located in one of Hiram Walker’s original buildings known as “Surge Plant 16″. It was once used as a  storage facility for the production of Whisky, this repurposed 18,000 square foot facility is now home to some of the finest beer produced in Essex County so it only seemed fitting to bring in the barrels to start the process of barrel aging.

Four months ago the first of the barrel aged series was started, their coffee porter was introduced into the reclaimed Bourbon Barrels and was left to age and let the flavours come together and infuse a brand new pallette warming Coffee Porter.

Also at the brewery, they have the same barrels housing a Scotch Ale and a Stout that they are keeping a close watch on to get the ideal flavours of vanilla and toffee that will bring a new spin on the already popular beers at Walkerville Brewery.

Visit the Brewery in Walkerville, a historic neighbourhood in Windsor at 525 Argyle Rd.