Lake Wilcox Brewing Co. launches their flagship beer. "The Mad Quacker Lager"

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Richmond Hill and surrounding area residents will have a new local choice when heading to their local pubs, restaurants and The Beer Store this summer, with the launch of the Lake Wilcox Brewing Co.’s Mad Quacker Lager.

With the recent government changes to the way we buy alcohol and more specifically the way craft beer is sold, more and more craft breweries are popping up all over Ontario. Richmond Hill is no exception to this with the introduction of Lake Wilcox Brewing Company, a new brewer with its name connected to the largest kettle lake in the area; Lake Wilcox. 

Owners David De Ciantis and Ray Nicolini, both of Richmond Hill united together to create Lake Wilcox Brewing Co. and the Wilcox Mad Quacker Lager.  “We wanted our flagship beer to be a sessionable beer with lots of flavour, distinct enough as to not complete with the ever popular IPA’s in the market. Our beer has a rich amber colour and a clean finish. Perfectly refreshing and satisfying without being too heavy.” Stated De Ciantis. 

Initially starting out as a contract brewer, Lake Wilcox Brewing Co. is scouting out local property options to open their own bricks and mortar brewery complete with a tasting room in the future. “Setting goals for expansion is certainly in the cards but getting in the market through contract brewing seemed like the natural path to eventually transition. Sitting on a great product waiting for the right location didn’t make sense. This way we can grow with our brand.” says Nicolini.  

There is a lot to be said about the luck of the Irish and with an incorporation date of March 17th, 2015, Lake Wilcox Brewing Co. hasn’t looked back since. Every new challenge has become an opportunity for LWBC, “The Ontario craft beer market is tight knit and it is amazing the amount of support that is out there. The feedback alone we have been getting from our local supporters is incredible.” stated De Ciantis. “We are looking forward to participating at some local events this summer including the Richmond Hill Rib Festival and the York Region Craft Beer Festival, Richmond Hill is a great community and we are proud to be part of it.”

Lake Wilcox Brewing Co.’s Mad Quacker will be at The Beer Store shelves this July, with plans of moving into the LCBO this fall.