New Friends and New Flavours!

 Windsor, ON -  I had the pleasure of attending the BrewGals event on June 23rd at Craftheads and was impressed by the turnout. There had to be at least thirty beer-loving women in the group and the poor bartender struggled to keep up with the demand. Craftheads has a massive list of unique craft beer choices, so I kind of appreciated the long line-up. I needed time to make a decision.

     I started with their Blueberry Wheat, which was light and refreshing craft beer with a hint of blueberry. It was the perfect selection after walking there in the steamy June heat. My second choice was the featured beer of the night, Crafthead’s new Miss Conceptions Dark Ale. It was a light-bodied black ale with a subtle coconut flavour. Proceeds from the sale of Miss Conceptions, as well as voluntary donations from the BrewGals attendees, went to support the local Hiatus House for Women.

     Jake’s Hoppe Shoppe was at the BrewGals event to explain the home brewing process and conduct a live demo.  I debated the likelihood of me successfully brewing at home and decided it would be best to stick to supporting our local breweries and the LCBO. It’s simple enough to brew your own craft beer; I just lack the patience and time to do it.

     During the mingling portion of the evening, I made a few friends who share my love of craft beer, including the person responsible for the fantastic turnout, Crystal Van Lare. Crystal founded BrewGals as a way to unite women with similar interests, which seems to be working quite well.  Thanks to her fabulous idea, I met Jennifer Beaudoin who shares both my love of craft beer and butterfly tattoos. Jennifer and I had a lengthy discussion on how our beer preferences change depending on the weather or the meal we’re enjoying with it. I ended up bumping into her the following night at Walkerville Brewery, where we both like to frequent often with our husbands.

     Another lovely beer-drinking lady I met that night was Lisa from Frank’s Brewing Company. Frank’s will be hosting the next BrewGals event on July 21st. It will start at 7pm and include a free tour of their brewery at 8pm. If you love craft beer and are looking to make a few new friends, pop in the next BrewGals event. It’s always a good time with great women!


Story by: Jenn Sadai


Jenn Sadai is a craft beer enthusiast, dream chaser and local author of three books, Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman, Dirty Secrets of the World's Worst Employee and her latest, Cottage Cheese Thighs. Jenn loves to make new friends and anyone can connect with her through the social media links on her website,