Bicycle Craft Brewery

Bicycle Craft Brewery was created from humble beginnings, much like many of the craft breweries before us. It started with a home brew kit, a passion for craft beer and a love for creating something delicious out of basic, natural ingredients. Our love for the outdoors, travel and sampling the flavours of the world, kick-started our interest in craft beer. Sampling the brews from Asia to Europe, we discovered that craft beer can be simple or complex, be paired with every cuisine under the sun, or simply enjoyed on its own. Our vision for Bicycle Craft Brewery is to bring that experience to you – enjoying life with good beer, good fun and fresh air! Jump on your bike, grab a sample and take home a Bicycle brew!


About Fariborz

An experienced home brewer and IT professional, Fariborz’s background is not typical of a Head Brewer at a micro-brewery. Born and raised in Iran, Fariborz has called Canada home for 12 years and credits his interest in craft beer to Canada’s love of a good brew. His interest in great tasting beer continued to expand while traveling with his wife, Laura, and sampling the fine brews of the world. With a Mechanical Engineering background and a love for the outdoors, Fariborz has an eye for detail and a taste for interesting and flavourful beers using natural and local ingredients. Fariborz’s favourite brew is Bicycle’s Abyss Chocolate Stout – a rich and smoky stout with just a hint of delicious cocoa and as dark as the abyss.


About Laura

With a love for the outdoors and a taste for artisan beer, Laura has developed an appreciation for craft beer over years of sampling, traveling and seeking new flavours. As a nature lover, many of these journeys were discovered on a bike, leading to hidden alleys, exotic places and small breweries. With a background in Fine Art, Laura appreciates the art of brewing, the traditional process of small-batch brewing, and the exciting tastes of a good craft beer. Laura’s favourite brew is Bicycle’s Velocipede IPA – a hoppy and bitter IPA that’s a true testament to the bicycle and the wild places you discover on the way!


As Ottawans, Fariborz and Laura are excited to share their new adventure with you and look forward to seeing you at Bicycle Craft Brewery!